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Soft and smooth sissy whore

SotSmoothSissyWhoreARTTrained to be a smooth sissy whore. Hair free and cock loving. Reinforce your rile as a true sissy whore already ready for more cock in all your dirty holes. You must be smooth and soft. the smoothness of your skin triggers your sissy arousal and your desire to be controlled and forced to except your role as a faggot sissy whore who needs to be on your knees serving your mistress by taking on more cock. First though shaving then though waxing the more extreme your hair removal the more aroused you get. until you are a smooth hair free sissy whore craving cock.
Includes: forcedbi, gay humiliation, oral servitude, hair removal, shaving, waxing, cock-sucking, anal, triggers, heightened arousal sissy training, cross dressing, lingerie, deep implantation of reactive thought.
Length : 31 mins 45 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00

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The Daily Affirmation Project- All 9 LTD Edition Mp3s

DailyAffMaster_All9_ARTSmall batch limited edition DAILY AFFIRMATION recordings that were sold only to 10 customers as individual mp3 affirmation sessions. Now available as a full set only. The only way you can get any of these recordings is by buying the full set of daily affirmation recordings. Amazing, intense and very directed femdom hypnosis affirmation recordings to enhance your trance state and solidify your desires. These recordings all include deep implantation of reactive thoughts, triggers, and hypnotic suggestions.

1. Shrinking cock 2. Nympho 3. Porn Addiction 4. Grow Big Tits 5. Beautiful Tits 6. Limp Dick 7. Big Cock 8. Feminine Energy 9. Love To Suck Cock

File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $195.00  (A 225.00 value)


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Think Like A Girl

ThinkLikeAGirlARTFeminizing hypnosis training to get you into a girlie girl mindset- A sparkling pink girly girl frame of mind. Be trained to think like a girl, very girlie girl. I girl who loves hot boys and lingerie. You will be trained to accept your girlish side and express it in your daily life. You know its who you are on the inside anyways, like omg. Be turned boy crazy, its who you are.
Includes: feminization, female thoughts, sissy training, sissification, transformation, mind control, brainwash, boy crazy, lingerie fixation, obsession, addiction, female domination.
Length : 20 mins, 12 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00

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Never Cum Again- Chastity Slave Hypnosis

Calling all chastity slaves! Mind and body control at its finest. The ultimate in chastity slave mind control training. Learn to love chastity, learn to love having your cock owned by me, learn to love to be denied and denied and denied. Always aroused an begging to cum. Just how I want you my little chastity slave. All worked up but no where to go! Amuse me and get to begging.

File Format: .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00

Goodie Bag

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Tit Fixation – Tit Worship And Obsession Hypnosis

You will become addicted to tits. aroused and excited all the time, consumed by a tit fixation, no mater where you are or who you are with, it will be a compulsion. You can’t stop yourself from the desire to be tit fixated. to be trained to be fixated on tits and everything about them!
Includes: tit fixation, tit obsession, subliminal triggers, back tracks, big tit obsession, mind control, transformation, addiction, titillation, tit worship, nipples, cleavage, erotic training.

File Format: .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00

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Ultimate Surrender – Femdom Hypnosis MP3

This is it, the Ultimate Surrender you’ve been waiting for. This is the third and final file in the Surrender series. You try to fight it – but you can’t. You’re aroused by being owned by me, used by me, mind fucked by me and addicted to my mesmerizing, powerful divinity. If you dare, lie down and listen and surrender your free will to become truly mine.  Includes an awareness-based slow induction period, followed by a stream of consciousness imagery deepening period, & then gentle suggestions introduced in prior two sessions. Listen with headphones for an even more entrancing experience. Ashley DeVyne has been trained and mentored by Mistress Jenny DeMilo.

Length: 24 minutes 38 seconds
Format: .mp3
Price: $24.99

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Surrender – Erotic Femdom Hypnosis Video

The First Surrender is always the sweetest. This video will introduce you to Ashley DeVyne’s style, her world, her control. Love, addiction, devotion to Ashley – they all begin right here. Ashley will use Erotic Hypnosis to transform and control you from the inside out. She believes the key to true domination is found in the mind. And once Ashley DeVyne gets her hands on your mind, once she implants her velvet voice into the very fissures of your brain, your body will have no choice but to follow. Includes a relaxation based slow induction period, followed by a relaxation based deepening period & then gentle suggestions to be built on in later sessions. This video also includes in the audio track a binaural frequency to leave you primed, aroused, and ready to be controlled. Listen with headphones for an even more entrancing experience. Ashley DeVyne has been trained and mentored by Mistress Jenny DeMilo. Audio only version is also available.

Format: .wmv
Duration: 17 minutes 3 seconds

Price: $20.99


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