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Stroke It – Audio Assignment

Go deep into a trance, hear the triggers and give up control as Ashley DeVyne’s sexy voice guides your every move in this JOI Audio Assignment.  You won’t be able to resist her sexy hypnotic voice naming your every move as she leads you on this epic erotic journey.  (Listening with headphones is highly recommended. You don’t want to miss anything Ashley has to say!)


Price: US $ 14.99
Length: 13 minutes, 30 seconds
Format: MP3

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8 week cuckold training plan

This 8 week plan is the first step of your cuckold training with the goal of eventually living as a fully trained cuckold slave. This is not to be gone into lightly, a lot will be expected of you both physically and monetarily. You will be expected to do every thing asked of you with a cheerful attitude and in a timely fashion. Your limits will be explored, tested and pushed. This is not a contract for being my cuckold trainee you will have to earn that. This is step one to reaching your cuckold dreams. Its worth every single penny.

File Format: .pdf
Price: U.S. $99.00


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Certified Sissy Slut – Assignment

Original one of a kind assignment – 14 pages long with over 30 full color photos in PDF format. This LONG detailed quiz filled with a score AND responses to your answers will help me to determine if you are a Certified Sissy Slut. With this assignement you will learn more about your feminine side and where you stand…I mean squat…or is it kneel?

Format: .PDF
Price: US $13.00


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Blackmail Torment – Assignment


Unique 4 page Blackmail Assignment in .pdf format.

Blackmail is such a fun way to torment you. It warms my cold little heart to watch you squirm – never really knowing what the future might hold for you. Go ahead push the buy button and see what I have in store for you.


Format: .PDF
Price: US $20.00


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Welcome To Loserville – Assignment

Welcome to Loserville – Population: YOU

This is a one of a kind, week long humiliation assignment in .pdf format (3 pages). Are willing to go down the rabbit hole? Play a game of risk for my pure enjoyment.  This is a crazy assignment and I want you to document it so don’t forget to take a picture and send it to me.


Format: .PDF
Price: US $10.00


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Sissy Girl Period – Assignment

One of a kind six page Sissy Girl Period Assignment.

Sissies love her and she adores them.  That is why Ashley DeVyne created this custom guided learning experience of exactly what to expect as a Sissy Girl in preparation for and during her Menstrual Cycle.  It includes a detailed shopping list and an extra special shopping assignment. Ashley DeVyne has you doing numerous other period related tasks and personal chores in preparation of your first period. It is up to you sissy to hold yourself accountable and follow through with all of these very special assignments.  Remember, learning to become a young Lady is critical to her Sissy Development. Buy this unique assignment now!

Format: .PDF
Price: US $12.00


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Pay Pig Application – Assignment

Word is that you want to be my newly devoted pay pig. I’m not sure you even have what it takes. Let’s not argue – read, complete and email me back the application. We’ll see what kind of man you REALLY are!

Format: .PDF
Price: US $25.00

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Extrememe JOI – Assignment

This is a one of a kind 5 page custom creation in PDF format. Are you a super chronically addicted masturbator whose only desire at this point in life is to remain permanently naked while masturbating 24 hours a day finding new limits to cross? If you answered yes, then you are what I call a chronic-bator. This Extreme JOI is perfect for you! You will give up complete control of your cock to me, Ashley DeVyne. I will guide you and lead you, but you must do as I command!

File Format: .PDF
Price: U.S. $10.00

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Ass Slut Anal Training – Assignment

You long to be an ass slut, to be trained anally by a Domme who knows how to make your training useful and erotic. To learn to love being stretched out, so that you’re ready for whatever is requested of you. This is a 3 week training plan and ass slut assignment. Your limits will be tested, you will be trained to be an ass slut.

File Format: .pdf
Price: U.S. $20.00

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