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Cock Spanking – Video

Spank your cock
Let me show you how you are going to get your cock spanked. Losers like you are only good for one thing taking pain for my amusement. Take your beating and the verbal a worthless pig like you begs for. I dish it out, you take it.

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Storytime with Jenny- Ballbusting!

Its Story time! Today’s story “ball busting bobbie” Poor bobby his evil step mom convinces the women in his neighborhood to help her in his “treatment” which of course includes mangling his already over sized swollen balls. Like stories? you will love this MP3!

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Cock and ball tourture – Assignment

Listen up painsluts, heres a little torture assignment for your cock and balls. I know you can take it and i know you love to take it. Of course i can feel your pain.. Well not really ha ha!!

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