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Beg For me

Posted in Goddess Worship, Humiliation, Hypnosis, JOI, Mp3

You’re slipping into a femdom hypnosis trance. Coxed down deep and hard knowing its the exact place you want to be. You want to be there for me, I’m all you think about. Your mistress who owns your thoughts, mind and body.  You’re the kind of submissive pet that cant help but do as you’re told and what I want to tell you is to beg.  Beg for your Mistress, beg to serve, beg to feel what I know you want to feel, beg for release. Do as you are told pet and get ready to obey my commands. All my commands. You can’t help it, it’s an addition. You are addicted to begging your Mistress. Will your most sublime Mistress give you want you want? Its a mystery a tantalizing exquisite mystery you want so badly to come true. It’s an Exquisite mystery you cant help but want and you will beg for it, beg for it with every ounce of your being.

Includes: Trance training,  JOI, triggers,  humiliation, goddess worship, orgasm control, femdom hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, BDSM instructions, female dominance, magic control, slave training, call and repeat, mantras, mind control, jerk off instructions


Length : 20mins, 31 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00

Small Penis Humiliation Affirmations

Posted in Hypnosis, Mp3, SPH

Your dick is small and useless. Its worthless and could never satisfy a women. Its a sad fact of life you have to be trained to learn to live with. Training with these affirmations will help you accept who you are and who you will always be. Small tiny and no good to anyone. Includes: SPH, humiliation, tease and denial, femdom hypnosis, triggers, mental domination, mind fuck, brainwash, affirmation training, subliminal suggestions.
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00

Ball Love Affirmations

Posted in Forcedbi, Hypnosis, Mp3

You are addicted to balls and you need your addiction solidified and increased. You need them in your mouth on your face. Sucking on them, licking on them, rubbing your face all over them. Big low hangers turn you in you need them, you are testicle addicted more and more every single day. Includes: forcedbi, ball love, ball licking, ball sucking, triggers, trance training, mental domination, subliminal suggestions, fremdom hypnosis, Affirmation training
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00

Sissy Anal Acceptance

Posted in Forcedbi, Hypnosis, Mp3, Sissy Training

Being a sissy means being of service. Being of anal service. These affirmations will train you to accept a cock in your ass. As a sissy it is part of who you are and no amount of protesting will change that. you will be trained, you will be trained to take hard cock all the way up your sissy ass. Includes: anal, anal stretching, anal acceptance, forcedbi, sissy training, femdom hypnosis, affirmations, triggers, trance training, mental domination, subliminal suggestions, binnuaral beats, whispers, ASMR, mindfuck brainwash, slut training, slave training

Humiliation Arousal

Posted in Forcedbi, Humiliation, Hypnosis

You become aroused at your own humiliation, intensely aroused. You need humiliation to get turned on, to get off, its who you are. This session will train you to become more aroused then you have ever been by humiliation and embarrassment. Serious hypnotist training using traditional hypnosis – techniques. Intense brain training. Includes: femdom hypnosis, triggers, erotic hypnosis humiliation, mental domination, mind fuck, brainwave training, subliminal suggestions.

Suck All Cocks Trigger Loop – Limited Edition Mp3!

Posted in Forcedbi, Hypnosis, Mp3

SOLD OUT!!! If you want it bad enough pay a grand. Second recording in the series out next week! Small Batch Limited Addition Mp3. First up in the series of 9. When they are sod out you wont be able to buy them individually! So get them while you can. Small Batch only 10 available on NF! Suck All Cocks: This trigger loop is painstakingly designed to trigger your cock addiction, specifically the addiction to sucking cock, you wont be able to get enough cock in your greedy mouth and throat. Best listened to on a loop with headphones. Lots of surprises and hidden suggestions. Includes: Forcedbi, cock worship cocksucking, pole smoking, triggers, trance training, brainwash, femdom hypnosis, ASMR, brainwave training.