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Submissive Sissy Cuckold

sissysubCUCK_ARTTrained to be a sissy for your mistress. To be more feminine and a sissy for your cuckolding mistress. Only when you are more of a sissy, your true self can you help her get ready for her dates, only when you are humiliated in this way are you aroused and excited. Helping your mistress get ready for a real mans cock as you sit back and watch. helping her pick out just the right clothes for her date with a real man knowing he will fuck her senseless in a way you were never capable of as you are a true sissy cuckold. Knowing you must be more sissified every single day, it is your true path.
Includes: cuckolding, sissy training, feminization, humiliation, forcedfem, forcedbi, triggers, suggestions, deep trance, implantation of reactive thoughts, mind control, SPH, brain wash, female domination, goddess worship
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Its A Wart- Video

Its a wart! That’s not a cock, that thing has got to be a wart. My god its gross not to mention totally useless, I know. burn that thing off that’s what you would do with a wart so get it it get rid f that disgusting wart between your legs.

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Quick And Painless – Video

Quick and painless
I cant believe you have to live with that tiny useless nothing of a cock you have. I think you should just call it quick and painless because that’s what it is… quick and painless. No control and so small no one would ever feel it!

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The Amazing Dickless Wonder – Video

I have a new name for you. The amazing dickless wonder. With a little weenie like that i cant imagine you being called anything else. You could be in a side show with that ridiculous dick pathetic little ugly dick. It seriously makes me want to throw up. Sucks to be you!

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