Slam The Closet Door Shut – Mp3

Powerful Femdom erotic “SLAM THE CLOSET DOOR” step THREE into being mesmerized and accepting your increasing attraction to men and taking that just one more step out being fully out of the closet and learning to enjoy being gay and accepting that the closet is far behind you. No shame in slamming that closet door behind you leaving your old life behind, you will embrace the new one. because its what you really want to do and who you really are. Be put into a deep trance, have your mind controlled, have MY desires become YOUR desires, be turned into what i want you to be, youre already a closet case this is to teach to to accept that part of you and enhance it, accept it. your new manta is were here were queer get used to it as you live fully as you are no more closet for you.

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