Ass Fucked Faggot

anal, Forcedbi, Hypnosis, Mp3
Powerful femdom hypnosis trance training session. Be trained to submit to my will, what i want for you because i know who you really are. I know youre a secret fag that always needs a cock. Learn to accept your roll as a true fag, a fag who loves to suck cock and dreams about being an ass fucked faggot. Trained to take cock in your tight ass like a real fag of service to all cocks at my direction. You will love the transformation, the transformation you cant stop. The transformation you crave. Includes: Oral servitude, anal, dildos, cocksucking, forcedbi, make you gay, transformation, trance training, mental domination, triggers, mind fuck, mind control, brainwash, deep implantation of reactive thoughts. Length : 25 mins, 38 secs File Format : .mp3…
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