The Daily Affirmation Project- All 9 LTD Edition Mp3s

Hypnosis, Mp3
Small batch limited edition DAILY AFFIRMATION recordings that were sold only to 10 customers as individual mp3 affirmation sessions. Now available as a full set only. The only way you can get any of these recordings is by buying the full set of daily affirmation recordings. Amazing, intense and very directed femdom hypnosis affirmation recordings to enhance your trance state and solidify your desires. These recordings all include deep implantation of reactive thoughts, triggers, and hypnotic suggestions. 1. Shrinking cock 2. Nympho 3. Porn Addiction 4. Grow Big Tits 5. Beautiful Tits 6. Limp Dick 7. Big Cock 8. Feminine Energy 9. Love To Suck Cock File Format : .mp3 Price: U.S. $195.00  (A 225.00 value)  
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