Accession Induction

A long and winding induction to be played before any hypnosis mp3 mine or anyone else’s. This is a very powerful 10 minute induction into accession. Deep and low, falling further into trance the place you were born to be. your mind will hear the underwords, your body will feel the over words, you will be in accession. Traditional in a non traditional way. This is a must have induction. It will make your trance deep and alive, your body will tingle devote the time to nurture your trance. Its what you need.


7 Minute Trance Induction

7 minute trance hypnosis induction. Can be combined with any session for a deeper trance that makes you more open to suggestions. To be played before hypnosis recordings to put you deep into trance. A deep trance makes you more receptive to all my commands.

Sit back, relax and get ready to obey. This an induction only! This file will enhance ANY erotic hypnosis recording and should be listened to first!