Massive Cock

Hypnosis, Mp3
You want one and now you can have one. Your cock will grow and grow and grow! whenever you look down on your giant ever growing cock you will only see a massive huge giant slab of thunderbolt between your legs. Ready to penetrate and rip your partner in two. Cock Transformation at its finest. The illusion becomes real to you and you will always see your own cock as huge, thundering and getting bigger all the time. You can feel it grow along with your giant massive cum filled balls. Includes: Body modification, mind control, self improvement, trance training, mental domination, mind fuck, transformation, cock transformation, illusions, cocksure, cock enhancement, magic control, mesmerism, subliminal suggestions, triggers Listen: Length : 21 mins, 34 secs File Format : .mp3 Price: U.S.…
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