Obedient Slave Affirmations

You long to serve a strong mistress and to be trained to follow all her commands. This repetitive affirmations session will help you to achieve that goal. reinforcing your slave training, solidifying that you want to obey. Triggers tracks and binnaural beats are included in the full version or you can listen to a voice only version for less distractions and a slower more methodical pace both ways are effective.
Includes: mind fuck, triggers, trance training, sub training, femdom hypnosis, slave training, mind control, brainwash

Anal Discipline- Figging Assignment

Anal discipline and torture for the deserving slave! Not only is this torturous but its very sexually arousing. You will be required to complete the full assignment and yes its double trouble… triple trouble even! Not for the weak of heart, mind or ass! High Quality PDF Assignment

File Format : .pdf
Price: U.S. $20.00

5 low cost/no cost ways to be a better slave to me

You want to be a better slave? I’ve made it easy for you with 5 no cost or low cost ways to be a better slave to me. Show your devotion with out breaking your already unhealthy bank balance. Not having enough to shower me in expensive gifts is no excuse. There is always a way to show your devotion to me, your goddess. Ive made it easy for you. No excuses!

High quality PDF instructions