Teased and Denied in Chastity – Femdom Hypnosis

Be trained to keep your cock locked up in a cage in a constant and heightened state of arousal, teased into oblivion with no chance of release because your cock is owned by your mistress.i controls your arousal and love to deny. Intense chastity training. Listen and learn to need to be in chastity, beg to be locked up beg to be denied release, be put in a constant and hyper active state of arousal and excitement.

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Never Cum Again- Chastity Slave Hypnosis

Calling all chastity slaves! Mind and body control at its finest. The ultimate in chastity slave mind control training. Learn to love chastity, learn to love having your cock owned by me, learn to love to be denied and denied and denied. Always aroused an begging to cum. Just how I want you my little chastity slave. All worked up but no where to go! Amuse me and get to begging.

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Price: U.S. $25.00