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High Heel Slut – Mp3

Jenny DeMilo’s Sissy Finishing School – High Heel Slut : lesson 5

Class is in session and today’s lesson is “HIGH HEEL SLUT ” Be seduced by my powerful hypnotic voice and have your mind controlled by my powerful femdom training. Become obsessed and distracted by high heels, fuck me pumps, tall sexy shoes, Trained to crave the feel of them on your feet and how they make your legs and ass look when you sashay down the street. Take lesson 5 you will be begging for the next. Not for those not interested in real sissy slut transformations.

Includes: high heel obsession, fuck me shoes, shoe fetish, pumps, sling backs, foot fetish, public humiliation, sissification, transformation, forced fem, forced bi. Back tracks, double tracks, subliminal triggers, deep implantation of reactive thoughts.

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Service my shoes

Service my shoes
Okay shoe boy get on your knees and get ready to service my black platform shoes. Open your mouth, stick out your tongue and lick them… clean. suck on my heel show me foot boy how good you are at servicing my shoes and i might let you move on to servicing me in other ways…

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Funky Blue High Heels

Watch my perfect feet and toes tease you in my strappy, sexy and funky blue high heels. 3:00+ min Mp4

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