10 day food challenge – Assignment

10 day food challenge – is an extreme feeder plan to get you big and fat like the slob you are. 10 full long days of stuffing your fat gross face, gaining more and more and documenting the process of your fat-dom for me laugh at later. Get fatter then you have ever been, gain, gain and gain, more weight then you thought possible. Stuff your fat face with what i tell you to! Come on piggy gobble it up, ALL of it. Gross! This assignment is sure to cause heart disease, high blood pressure and of course obesity. So it at your own considerable risk!

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Cum Covered Foot Addict – Mp3

Erotic hypnosis training Cum on feet, You will be addicted to cuming on feet, you will be trained to be addicted to stroking your cock to feet and cuming all over them! you wont be able to control your foot obsession or your need to touch your own cock when aroused by cum covered feet. You can’t stop yourself from the desire to be trained to be addicted to cuming on feet and licking it up!

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Worship My Feet – Video

I wear clear stripper type stilettos and classic black pumps in this video. Teasing you in my panties – dangling my feet in your face and making you worship my soft supple soles. This video also has me with a load of cum on my feet and toes. Excellent quality. Don’t miss it foot lovers!

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Big Black Cock Footjob – Video

Watch Ashley DeVyne’s pretty white feet arouse this huge 10 inch big black cock. Ashley is the foot job queen and she shows you just how talented those toes are. Her toenails are long and painted bright pink. The contrast of her white feet against that huge black cock is so sexy.

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Fur Seduction – Video

Ashley DeVyne has a passion for furs and loves running her pretty little feet through the fur of this mink. The fur is so soft in between her perfect purple toes. Watch Ashley flexing her feet, pointing her toes, and caressing the soft fur.

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A Magenta Toe Story – Video

Ashley DeVyne teases you while wearing sexy purple suede high heeled summer wedges. After she removes them you see her sexy pedicured bare feet, high arches and magenta painted toenails up close and in your face. Lots of toe wiggling toe spreads and toe pointing. Excellent Quality.

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Monster Cock Footjob – Video

Another session under the feet of this magnificent Foot Goddess, Ashley DeVyne. She gives you an up close and personal view of her amazing curved, high arched pink soles and flexible white painted toenails as she strokes this big black monster cock. After some rigorous cock stroking with her toes and soft soles he can’t help but spill his creamy load all over her gorgeous feet.

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FootWhore Erotic Hypnosis

Erotic hypno training.Footwhore. You will be addicted to feet, you long to be at my feet a real foot slave. to do my bidding no matter what I ask of you. You can’t stop yourself from the desire to be a foot whore at my feet. to be trained to be addicted to feet everything about them! Go deep into a trance, hear the triggers, the deepeners, and be programed to be a foot slave . You wont be able to resist my hypnotic voice and implanted triggers. MP3 Includes: Induction, subliminal triggers, back tracks, foot slave, foot worship, toes, arches, servitude, erotic hypno training.

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