Suck Cock Trigger Loop

The cocksucking tripper loop. Be triggered to suck cock with intensive trigger training. This is a loop that will trick your brain and intensify your craving for sucking cock.This should be listened to on repeat and while you are sleeping. The more you listen the deepening your trigger will get. It includes subliminal suggestions and hidden tracks.
Includes: Trigger training, cock worship, cock addiction, deep throating, mind fuck, brainwash, mind control and mental domination.
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Complete Surrender – Femdom Hypnosis MP3

If the first surrender is the sweetest, then Complete Surrender is the most satisfying. Join Ashley DeVyne for the second installment of three in the Surrender Series, and slip completely under her control.

Format: MP3
Length: 22 minutes

GloryHoleWhore- Sissy Slut hypnosis Mp3

Erotic femdom erotic training. GLORY HOLE WHORE. You will be erotically and subliminally trained to be suck glory hole cock, trained to need it and to crave it. become obsessed with sucking anonymous cock and after cock after cock…. Begging for it, to be the center of attention, whoring it up… You cant stop yourself from the desire to suck cock though a hole in the wall. You need it all the time and can’t stop thinking about it. Includes: cocksucking, forced feminization, forced bi, oral servitude, mind control, subliminal triggers, back tracks, multiple track, original music, cum eating, erotic hypno, femdom, cock obsession, slut training, sissy training

File Format: .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00