Cuckold Training: Part Two, Fluffing

Welcome to my femdom hypnosis world, now take your place at my feet, clear your mind and get ready for your erotic hypnosis training to become a good obedient cuckold. Your training begins now with part two. ” Fluffing” a long arousing and relaxing induction to seduce you into deep trance, back tracks and vocal effects to help implant triggers into the recesses of your mind where i will awaken and begin your conditioning to learn to love to fluff and to awaken the inner cuckold within you. Be programed to learn to love to fluff, to need to fluff to crave to fluff. Learn your place in my world, learn to be useful to and to serve a Mistress and understand deeply how her pleasure.. my pleasure, is all that matters. Most of all learn to obey your cuckoldress’ demands no matter what they are. If you are ready to step your toe into the clear cool pond of cuckold training, it begins with just one… tiny.. step. Includes: induction, triggers, music, vocal effects Elements of: cuckold training, forced bi, forced fem, femdom, oral servitude

File Format: .mp3
Price: U.S. $15.00