Soft and smooth sissy whore

Forced Fem, Hypnosis, Mp3, Sissy Training
Trained to be a smooth sissy whore. Hair free and cock loving. Reinforce your rile as a true sissy whore already ready for more cock in all your dirty holes. You must be smooth and soft. the smoothness of your skin triggers your sissy arousal and your desire to be controlled and forced to except your role as a faggot sissy whore who needs to be on your knees serving your mistress by taking on more cock. First though shaving then though waxing the more extreme your hair removal the more aroused you get. until you are a smooth hair free sissy whore craving cock. Includes: forcedbi, gay humiliation, oral servitude, hair removal, shaving, waxing, cock-sucking, anal, triggers, heightened arousal sissy training, cross dressing, lingerie, deep implantation of reactive thought.…
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Step Out Of The Closet

Gay, Humiliation, Hypnosis, Mp3
Powerful Femdom erotic "Step out of the closet" step two into being mesmerized into increasing your attraction to men and taking that further step out of the deep dark closet. Be trained to be ready to service cock after cock after cock, because its what you really want to do and who you really are. Learn to crave it, need it want it. Be put into a deep trance, have your mind controlled, have your desires become MY desires, be turned into what i want you to be, you're already a closet case this is to teach to to accept the part of you and enhance it the part where all you want is men lots of men taking that next step out of the closet. File Format: .mp3 Price:…
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Closet Case – Forcedbi Hypno

Forcedbi, Hypnosis, Mp3
Be mesmerized into increasing your attraction to men while your attraction to women fades away. Be trained to b ready to service cock at the click of a switch. Learn to crave it, need it want it. Be put into a deep trance, have your mind controlled File Format: .mp3 Price: U.S. $25.00
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The Love Of Cock Part 2 – Hypnosis Mp3

Forcedbi, Hypnosis
The Love Of Cock Part 2 Cock addiction, cock worship, cock addiction training. In part two you are trained to accept that the cock you need is BLACK. Your addiction to lack cock grows and changes,  be trained to crave black cum and humiliation. Heavy gay humiliation, black cock addiction, black golden showers, craving black piss along with cum will become normal to you. Includes: Feminization, cross dressing, and oral servitude. Be trained to accept who you are and learn to become more aroused thinking about worshiping hard hot black cock, black cum and black wiz with your sissy faggoty mouth. •This is part two of a two part series• File Format: .mp3 Price: U.S. $25.00
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