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Beg For me

You’re slipping into a femdom hypnosis trance. Coxed down deep and hard knowing its the exact place you want to be. You want to be there for me, I’m all you think about. Your mistress who owns your thoughts, mind and body.  You’re the kind of submissive pet that cant help but do as you’re told and what I want to tell you is to beg.  Beg for your Mistress, beg to serve, beg to feel what I know you want to feel, beg for release. Do as you are told pet and get ready to obey my commands. All my commands. You can’t help it, it’s an addition. You are addicted to begging your Mistress. Will your most sublime Mistress give you want you want? Its a mystery a tantalizing exquisite mystery you want so badly to come true. It’s an Exquisite mystery you cant help but want and you will beg for it, beg for it with every ounce of your being.

Includes: Trance training,  JOI, triggers,  humiliation, goddess worship, orgasm control, femdom hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, BDSM instructions, female dominance, magic control, slave training, call and repeat, mantras, mind control, jerk off instructions


Length : 20mins, 31 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00

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Posted in Forcedbi, Humiliation, Hypnosis

Humiliation Arousal

You become aroused at your own humiliation, intensely aroused. You need humiliation to get turned on, to get off, its who you are. This session will train you to become more aroused then you have ever been by humiliation and embarrassment. Serious hypnotist training using traditional hypnosis – techniques. Intense brain training. Includes: femdom hypnosis, triggers, erotic hypnosis humiliation, mental domination, mind fuck, brainwave training, subliminal suggestions.

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Posted in Humiliation, Hypnosis, Mp3

Limp Forever

LIMPFOREVER_NFStrong trance training. Impotency training and conditioning. You will be trained and your body will be modified. Your once hard cock will get limper and limper, softer and softer. Your male hormones will depart and you will no longer be able to get hard from sexual arousal. You will get excited and aroused but your cock will no longer work properly. Erections will soon be a thing of the past. The humiliation and shame will be immense and that too will sexually excite you. Intense trance training with the goal of being permanently impotent!
Includes: transformation, flaccidity training, slave training, loss of cock control, humiliation, shame, intense arousal, subliminal suggestions, mind control, body control, brainwashing, back tracks, all the bells and whistles
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $30.00

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Submissive Cuckold

Submissivecuckold_Art_NFYou long to be a true submissive cuckold, there to help her get all the cock she wants and deserves. Big hard hot cock while you wait for her to come home pussy drenched with his cum and tells you all about it and how it can never be you and how much better it is with him. Real submissive cuckold training for real cuckolds.
Includes: cuckolding, cockldress,  CEI, sub training, slave training, tease and denial, humiliation, orgasm control, triggers, trance training, subliminal suggestions
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00

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Posted in Humiliation, Hypnosis, Mp3, Pussy Worship

Pussy Obsessed Freak

PussyObsessedFreakArtPussy Obsessed Freak

Powerful Femdom training “Pussy Obsessed Freak” be mesmerized and trained into becoming a pussy obsessed creep and freak, always thinking about pussy, moist pungent wonderful pussy, leering at women because they have what you’re obsessed by… pussy. Learn to love the humiliation and shame that being caught in public obsessively masturbating to the thought of pussy brings you. Be trained to accept that you get very aroused and excited being shamed for your pussy obsession and the realization that you act out in very creepy freakish ways. Trained to crave the humiliation and shame and getting a sexual charge out of the shame that the obsession brings you.. Be put into a deep trance, have your mind played with and manipulated, be turned into what i want you to be. A Pussy Obsessed creep. Deep triggers, subliminal suggestions, back masking, back tracks. All the bells and whistles to turn you into what it is you know you really are and what i want you to become.

Includes: Pussy worship, pussy obsession, mind control, masturbation, humiliation, pussy addiction fetish, addiction, public humiliation, shame, masturbation, public masturbation, transformation, triggers, subliminal suggestions, double tracks, metronome implantation, original music, deep implantation of reactive thoughts.
Length : 25 mins, 0 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00

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Posted in BDSM Instructions, Forcedbi, Humiliation, Hypnosis, Mp3

Beta Male Two Confess

BetaMaleConfessARTBeta Male – Confess

You have been identified as a beta male and there are rules you must follow for your life, many rules, humiliating rules, degrading rules, exciting rules. You will be programed to accept your place in life as a beta male, part of this involves confessing to your role and accepting who you are. A beta male low on the food chain there to serve only. You will exist for my pleasure, my entertainment, my amusement. Being trained to do unspeakable things, things you never imagined you would do, knowing you must confess who you are, going deeper and deeper into trance, accepting you are a bata male and confessing. You long for this need this and have to have this being a beta male is what you need and you know that to be true you can feel it in your bones.

Not for the weak of heart this file is intense femdom and humiliation training and you will be forever changed into accepting your role as a beta male . Listen with headphones, and prepare for your new life.

Includes: Transexual attraction, anal, ass stretching, strap on, make you gay, turn you gay, make you bi, bisexual, bi, reprogramming, cock worship, cum addiction, cum play, CEI, SPH, mind control, humiliation, cock control, bdsm instructions, degradation, triggers, submission training, objectification.

Listen: Beta Male Confess Preview
Length : 53 mins, 09 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $50.00

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Cuckolded To Black Cock

CuckoldBlackCock_ART_NFCuckolded to black cock: Powerful cuckolding hypnosis, you find you want your partner fully satisfied and they only thing that will do that is a giant black cock, you want her to worship it love it crave it all why you watch knowing that a giant black cock is far superior to yours. You find you crave to watch her getting filled and pounded by a BBC while all you have is your hand as he fills her up with his big black cum. Cum which you will then clean up with your cuckold mouth.

Includes: forcedbi, cuckolding, cuckoldress, cuckolding, slave training, cuckold slave, BBC, possible impregnation, creampies, fluffing, cum eating, humiliation, all the bells and whistles.

Nothing turns you on more then being a cuckold to a superior giant black throbbing cock

Length : 22+ Mins
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00

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Hair Trigger Cock

HairTriggCockArtErotic femdom hypnosis training ” HAIR TRIGGER COCK” You will be trained and obsessed with your inability to control your cock. cumming early and cumming often when you just see or talk to sexy women, Premature ejaculation is where you will live breath and be all the time. deep implanted triggers, of sexy hot wet women’s mouth set you off and make your cock jolt and squirt no matter how much you want to control your arousal and ejaculation you can not and you ever will again. Go deep into a trance, hear the triggers, the deepeners, and be programed to be obsessed, addicted but most of all transformed. You wont be able to resist my hypnotic voice and implanted triggers.

Includes: cock misscontrol, premature ejaculation, subliminal triggers, back tracks, obsession, addiction, humiliation, embarrassment, transformation,  ejaculation, erotic hypno training.

File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00

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Surrender Of Control

This began as a custom request, I took his email below and created “Surrender Of Control”. It’s not for the weak of heart… be addicted, be obsessed. Listen to my voice and obey…..
Includes: subliminal suggestions, subliminal triggers, obsession, ass worship, bdsm instruction, submission obsession, slave training, BDSM, cum control, ejaculation control, orgasm control, cock control, ass slavery, deep implanted control triggers, humiliation,

File Format: .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00

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Public Pervert- Masturbation Assignment

You long to be a public pervert, always thinking about jerking off where you might get
caught. The thrill gets you hard you just need a little push to make it real.  Now you can
live out that pent up perverted fantasy! High quality PDF assignment

File Format: .pdf
Price: U.S. $20.00

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