Cuckolded To Black Cock

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Black Cock Addiction – Femdom Hypnosis Mp3

Powerful Femdom hypnosis “Black Cock Addiction” be mesmerized and trained into becoming a black cock addict. Obsessed with black cock ready, needing and craving black cock. Find your self controlled and trained to crave it and to do anything to get it. Be put into a deep trance, have your mind played with and manipulated, be turned into what i want you to be. A black cock addict. Obsessed and addicted to hot hard thick nasty black cock. Deep triggers, subliminal suggestions, back masking, back tracks. All the bells and whistles to turn you into what it is you know you really are and what i want you to become..

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Big Black Cock Footjob – Video

Watch Ashley DeVyne’s pretty white feet arouse this huge 10 inch big black cock. Ashley is the foot job queen and she shows you just how talented those toes are. Her toenails are long and painted bright pink. The contrast of her white feet against that huge black cock is so sexy.

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Monster Cock Footjob – Video

Another session under the feet of this magnificent Foot Goddess, Ashley DeVyne. She gives you an up close and personal view of her amazing curved, high arched pink soles and flexible white painted toenails as she strokes this big black monster cock. After some rigorous cock stroking with her toes and soft soles he can’t help but spill his creamy load all over her gorgeous feet.

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