Ultimate Surrender – Femdom Hypnosis MP3

This is it, the Ultimate Surrender you’ve been waiting for. This is the third and final file in the Surrender series. You try to fight it – but you can’t. You’re aroused by being owned by me, used by me, mind fucked by me and addicted to my mesmerizing, powerful divinity. If you dare, lie down and listen and surrender your free will to become truly mine.  Includes an awareness-based slow induction period, followed by a stream of consciousness imagery deepening period, & then gentle suggestions introduced in prior two sessions. Listen with headphones for an even more entrancing experience. Ashley DeVyne has been trained and mentored by Mistress Jenny DeMilo.

Length: 24 minutes 38 seconds
Format: .mp3
Price: $24.99

Complete Surrender – Erotic Femdom Hypnosis Video

If the first surrender is the sweetest, then Complete Surrender is the most satisfying. Join Ashley DeVyne for the second installment of three in the Surrender Series, and slip completely under her control. If you dare, lie down and listen, and give up your free will to become truly mine. Builds on suggestions, triggers & techniques from Sweet Surrender. Includes an awareness-based slow induction period, followed by a long stream of consciousness imagery deepening period, & then gentle suggestions to be built on in later sessions. Listen with headphones for an even more entrancing experience. Ashley DeVyne has been trained and mentored by Mistress Jenny DeMilo.  Audio only is available.

Length: 22 minutes 8 seconds
Format: .wmv

Price: 24.99


Surrender – Erotic Femdom Hypnosis Video

The First Surrender is always the sweetest. This video will introduce you to Ashley DeVyne’s style, her world, her control. Love, addiction, devotion to Ashley – they all begin right here. Ashley will use Erotic Hypnosis to transform and control you from the inside out. She believes the key to true domination is found in the mind. And once Ashley DeVyne gets her hands on your mind, once she implants her velvet voice into the very fissures of your brain, your body will have no choice but to follow. Includes a relaxation based slow induction period, followed by a relaxation based deepening period & then gentle suggestions to be built on in later sessions. This video also includes in the audio track a binaural frequency to leave you primed, aroused, and ready to be controlled. Listen with headphones for an even more entrancing experience. Ashley DeVyne has been trained and mentored by Mistress Jenny DeMilo. Audio only version is also available.

Format: .wmv
Duration: 17 minutes 3 seconds

Price: $20.99


Complete Surrender – Femdom Hypnosis MP3

If the first surrender is the sweetest, then Complete Surrender is the most satisfying. Join Ashley DeVyne for the second installment of three in the Surrender Series, and slip completely under her control.

Format: MP3
Length: 22 minutes

Stroke It – Audio Assignment

Go deep into a trance, hear the triggers and give up control as Ashley DeVyne’s sexy voice guides your every move in this JOI Audio Assignment.  You won’t be able to resist her sexy hypnotic voice naming your every move as she leads you on this epic erotic journey.  (Listening with headphones is highly recommended. You don’t want to miss anything Ashley has to say!)


Price: US $ 14.99
Length: 13 minutes, 30 seconds
Format: MP3

A lipstick Story – Video

Ashley DeVyne seduces you with her beautiful mouth as you watch her outline her perfect pouty lips with magenta lip liner. She then applies lipstick that takes perfectly to her full sensual lips. She applies it over and over again; it feels so good gliding over her soft mouth. Finishing her application off with a super shiny lip gloss. She licks her lips and blows kisses while teasing you with her soft sexy voice.

Length: 7 mins, 58 secs
Format: .wmv .mov .avi
Price: US $7.99

Worship My Feet – Video

I wear clear stripper type stilettos and classic black pumps in this video. Teasing you in my panties – dangling my feet in your face and making you worship my soft supple soles. This video also has me with a load of cum on my feet and toes. Excellent quality. Don’t miss it foot lovers!

Length: 1min, 11sec
Format: .wmv
Price: US $3.99

Big Black Cock Footjob – Video

Watch Ashley DeVyne’s pretty white feet arouse this huge 10 inch big black cock. Ashley is the foot job queen and she shows you just how talented those toes are. Her toenails are long and painted bright pink. The contrast of her white feet against that huge black cock is so sexy.

Length: 6 mins, 28 secs
Format: .mov, .wmv, .avi
Price: US $7.99

Smack That Ass – Video

Ashley DeVyne’s ass is round, soft and looking good in her skin tight yoga pants. Watch Ashley do all the things you want to do. She caresses her ass, jiggles it and smacks it in your face while you watch and wish it was your hand doing the smacking and rubbing.

Length: 3 mins, 15 secs
File Format: .wmv
Price: US $3.99

Fur Seduction – Video

Ashley DeVyne has a passion for furs and loves running her pretty little feet through the fur of this mink. The fur is so soft in between her perfect purple toes. Watch Ashley flexing her feet, pointing her toes, and caressing the soft fur.

Length: 5 min, 25 secs
File Format: .wmv
Price: U.S. $5.99

Lick You Lick A Lollipop – Video

Watch and listen as Ashley DeVyne’s luscious red lips and sexy mouth get naughty with this tiny dick shaped lollipop. It’s a slurrpy, sloppy blow job with lots of tongue teasing action that you definitely won’t want to miss.

Length: 4mins, 35sec
Format: .wmv
Price: US $5.99

Destroying Batman – Video

Batman is in Ashley DeVyne’s luscious mouth. Will he survive between those juicy red lips and sharp white teeth? Listen as Ashley softly coaxes him in to submission and watch as she viciously ends up destroying him. Chomp, chomp, chomp!

Length: 2mins, 41sec
Format: .wmv
Price: US $3.99

Fingernail Frenzy – Video

The sound of Ashley DeVyne’s long red fingernails tapping on a mirror really gets you going. Watch not just 10 fingernails but 20 nails clicking away. With every tap…tap…tap…. you are pulled in further – seduced by the erotic feminine sound.

Length: 4mins, 20sec
Format: .wmv
Price: US $4.99

Bursting Bubbles – Video

Ashley DeVyne’s beautiful red lipstick mouth seductively chews green bubblegum getting it nice and soft so she can blow huge bubbles with it. Quite a few of the bubbles pop on her nose. Listen and watch as Ashley chomps, chews and blow bubbles. Popping various size bubbles and snapping the green gum right in your face.

Length: 8 mins, 52 sec
Format: .wmv
Price: US $8.99

Balloon Blowing & Popping – Video

Ashley DeVyne has a bunch of big colorful balloons and she’s very excited to put her lips on the latex and inflate them one by one before popping them. She delights in the noises and giggles and screams when they pop under her pointy finger nails. A must have clip for all of you serious looners.

Length: 4mins, 5sec
Format: .wmv
Price: US $4.99

Boobies – Video

Ashley DeVyne teases you with her huge 38D all natural beautiful boobs. Watch her in action as she sticks them right in your face. Grabbing, rubbing, squeezing and bouncing them up close and personal. She is so close you can smell her sexy scent.

Length: 3mins, 17sec
Format: .wmv
Price: US $5.99

Lollipop Baby – Video

Ashley DeVyne is sucking the candy right off this lollipop!  Her beautiful lips and mouth  are all over this sucker.  Up and down and in and out – her long luscious tongue licks with such smooth deliberate strokes.  You’ll wish her mouth was licking something else!

Length : 0 hrs, 5 mins, 25 secs
File Format : .wmv
Price: US $5.99

A Magenta Toe Story – Video

Ashley DeVyne teases you while wearing sexy purple suede high heeled summer wedges. After she removes them you see her sexy pedicured bare feet, high arches and magenta painted toenails up close and in your face. Lots of toe wiggling toe spreads and toe pointing. Excellent Quality.

Length: 6 mins, 59 secs
Formats: avi, mov, wmv
Price: US $6.99

Monster Cock Footjob – Video

Another session under the feet of this magnificent Foot Goddess, Ashley DeVyne. She gives you an up close and personal view of her amazing curved, high arched pink soles and flexible white painted toenails as she strokes this big black monster cock. After some rigorous cock stroking with her toes and soft soles he can’t help but spill his creamy load all over her gorgeous feet.

Format: .mov, .wmv, .avi
Length: 7 mins 50 secs
Price: US $8.99

Certified Sissy Slut – Assignment

Original one of a kind assignment – 14 pages long with over 30 full color photos in PDF format. This LONG detailed quiz filled with a score AND responses to your answers will help me to determine if you are a Certified Sissy Slut. With this assignement you will learn more about your feminine side and where you stand…I mean squat…or is it kneel?

Format: .PDF
Price: US $13.00


Blackmail Torment – Assignment


Unique 4 page Blackmail Assignment in .pdf format.

Blackmail is such a fun way to torment you. It warms my cold little heart to watch you squirm – never really knowing what the future might hold for you. Go ahead push the buy button and see what I have in store for you.


Format: .PDF
Price: US $20.00


Welcome To Loserville – Assignment

Welcome to Loserville – Population: YOU

This is a one of a kind, week long humiliation assignment in .pdf format (3 pages). Are willing to go down the rabbit hole? Play a game of risk for my pure enjoyment.  This is a crazy assignment and I want you to document it so don’t forget to take a picture and send it to me.


Format: .PDF
Price: US $10.00


Sissy Girl Period – Assignment

One of a kind six page Sissy Girl Period Assignment.

Sissies love her and she adores them.  That is why Ashley DeVyne created this custom guided learning experience of exactly what to expect as a Sissy Girl in preparation for and during her Menstrual Cycle.  It includes a detailed shopping list and an extra special shopping assignment. Ashley DeVyne has you doing numerous other period related tasks and personal chores in preparation of your first period. It is up to you sissy to hold yourself accountable and follow through with all of these very special assignments.  Remember, learning to become a young Lady is critical to her Sissy Development. Buy this unique assignment now!

Format: .PDF
Price: US $12.00


Extrememe JOI – Assignment

This is a one of a kind 5 page custom creation in PDF format. Are you a super chronically addicted masturbator whose only desire at this point in life is to remain permanently naked while masturbating 24 hours a day finding new limits to cross? If you answered yes, then you are what I call a chronic-bator. This Extreme JOI is perfect for you! You will give up complete control of your cock to me, Ashley DeVyne. I will guide you and lead you, but you must do as I command!

File Format: .PDF
Price: U.S. $10.00

GloryHoleWhore- Sissy Slut hypnosis Mp3

Erotic femdom erotic training. GLORY HOLE WHORE. You will be erotically and subliminally trained to be suck glory hole cock, trained to need it and to crave it. become obsessed with sucking anonymous cock and after cock after cock…. Begging for it, to be the center of attention, whoring it up… You cant stop yourself from the desire to suck cock though a hole in the wall. You need it all the time and can’t stop thinking about it. Includes: cocksucking, forced feminization, forced bi, oral servitude, mind control, subliminal triggers, back tracks, multiple track, original music, cum eating, erotic hypno, femdom, cock obsession, slut training, sissy training

File Format: .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00

Stomping Rage – Video

Ashley DeVyne is pissed off! She takes out her uncontrollable road rage on this tiny toy truck.  Listen to her get really mad while you watch her stomp on this car getting out all her aggression as she pulverizes it with her high heeled red patent leather boots.

Length: 4 mins, 08 sec
Format: .wmv
Price: US $4.99

Slave/Slut Contract


This is Ashley DeVyne’s 7 page custom, detailed and unique Slave/Slut Contract – It’s one of a kind! Enter into my Slave/Slut Contract and be owned exclusively by me, Ashley DeVyne. If you open it you are committed, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Servitude at it’s best!

Format: .pdf
Price: US $15.00

Help! I’m Stuck! – Video

Ashley DeVyne gets stuck behind the couch while trying to reach for her diamond earring that fell. She struggles helplessly to escape from behind the couch but just falls further and further down. Wedged in between the wall and the couch and feeling desperate she yells for someone to help her – but no one is there. How does she get out? Watch and find out.

Length: 3 mins, 55 sec
Format: .wmv
Price: US $5.99

Pop Rock Persuasion – Video


The camera travels inside Ashley DeVyne’s mouth for the fireworks. You can hear the pop rocks exploding and sizzling in her mouth as you watch them dissolve on her tongue. Lots of close-ups showing off her teeth, tongue and lips.

Length: 4 mins, 08 sec
Format: .wmv
Price: US $4.99